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Asemwaldweather … formerly known as Filderstadtweather

Filderstadtweather ist im Oktober 2016 umgezogen und befindet sich nun im Stuttgarter Stadtteil Asemwald. Aufgrund der deutlich schlechteren Internetanbindung sind die meisten Dinge, die es hier früher gab, derzeit nicht zu realisieren. Die Domain zu ändern betrachte ich deshalb bis auf Weiteres nicht als sinnvoll.

In October 2016 Filderstadtweather moved to the Stuttgart subdivision Asemwald. Because of the crappy internet connection here, most of the stuff that had been here in the past can’t be realized. Therefor I think, that changing the domain is useless for the time being.

Hans Mücke

Im Asemwald 58, 70599 Stuttgart


Über den Asemwald: / About Asemwald

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Der Fall Ian MacLeod / The Ian MacLeod incident (links german only)

Kontextwochenzeitung Der Spiegel Der Spiegel Der Spiegel

In the early 1970s Germany faced the „Baader-Meinhhoff-Bande“ (later known as „Rote Armee Fraktion“), a leftist terror group that was known for bombings of US installations, state and federal representatives etc. … Ian MacLeod got caught in the federal fight of those terrorists. He moved into #60 at the end of 1971 from another place in Stuttgart which was later rented by a member of the Bader-Meinhoff-Bande. With which he never had any connection, he simply failed to tell authorities that he had moved. On sunday June 25, 1972 police raided his new place … Ian MacLeod was killed by 2 shots in the back thru his bedroom door.
I do not question the actions of the officer, who shot and killed him … after all it was a histerical time and he had reason to fear for his life. What I question is … the federal attorney insisted until his death, that Ian MacLeod had to be a terrorist, despite the fact, that he was unarmed and that he never had contact to the terrorists and police never admittted that they might have failed in properly investigating before they tried to make the arrest. No „we are sorry“ … nothing. Even after 45 years … there is silence.

Mein Asemwald / My Asemwald